How Can I End Up With Him?

my best friend and i have been best friend's for around a year.. and i never acknowledged her brother the first few times i met him. for halloween i went over her house to get ready, and i didn't notice him at all. maybe it was because i was only focused on what my exboyfriend was doing, but, i just didn't feel anything. but..the next weekend i went over her house and i heard him talking to my bestfriends dad.. and then i heard him laugh...saw him.. and i haven't been able to look at another guy ever since. it's been around 4 months and i've spent every weekend over my bestfriends house and hes always there. i went up to new hampshire with her family not too long ago, he was there, and we were sitting around the couch and he had his baby cousin in his arms and he was staring at the baby like she was the most miraculous thing in the world, and it was so beautiful because i had visions of us getting married and how it would look with it being my baby in his arms and it just felt so perfect. he looks like he would be such a loving father and husband, but i mean i could deal with him just being my boyfriend. i just wish i could know how to tell him i like him, and i wish that he would like me too! i can never get him off my mind it's unbelievable. it's heartbreaking when i see his smile or hear his voice.. just knowing i'll be able to be with him in my dreams puts me straight to sleep at night. i have total confidence that i'd be able to end up with him if he knew, but... the problem is.. he's 16.. and i'm 14. and he's also my bestfriends brother. i'm not sure how things would end up if he found out, because i'm like family to her family and if he found out i feel like it'd just ruin the relationships with their family. please.. if you have any advice don't be afraid to help. thank you!

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Well I'm kind a in the same boat my best friend and I have been friends for about 5-6 years now and at first I never did like jar brother but then about 3 years into our friendship i started to notice him he would always be around when I came pver and he would hang out with us and tease me and we would all just have fun but the only thing is, is that I moved away and now we still keep in touch but sometimes I go a whole year without seeing him and it's really hard he's also 3 years older but he's really a good guy. I think that if you still really like him just go for it and see what happens with it

This is so close to what I'm trying to figure out. He's the first guy I can picture doing everything for the rest of my life with. I go to my friends house almost every day just because I know I'll see him, and I'll wake up at night and catch myself thinking about him. His sister, my best friend, refers to me as her sister, and I call her mom my own. Maybe one day -in-law will be added to that ;) good luck!

I'm in the same thing you's so complicated..I would honestly wait for him for a long time it feels like..and I can't look at any other guy the same ever again..but he has this great girlfriend and everything is soo blahhh riht now but if you ever need to talk about this I will talk with you because I dont know anyone else who I can relate to.

i am also in love with my best friends brother he is 19 i am 16 and i feel the same as you. i go to thier house every weekend and i dream about him every night. thier family is my family and i have been best friends with my friend since kindergarden. it is so hard i know exactly how you feel...i want to tell him so bad but it would just make things so akward if he didnt feel the same. and what would my friend think?? i only wish i could help you and myself. if you ever get up the courage to tell him please tell me how things work out.<br />
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good luck

you see i dream of telling him, and everything! i always read things in way too deep before i make my decisions, and that's my problem in life. and ive seen good and back outcomes, but my worst feeling is that me and my best friend will stop being best friends if i told him. and i don't eeeever want that to happen, but i've also thought about what you said, about the " what if " and thats going to bite me in the *** for the years to come i'm sure. i've got a lot of thinking to do (not like i haven't been thinking already) but i'm sure i'll make the right decision : ) i love having this, i can vent and everything it feels so amazing because it seems i feel bottled up having to keep such passionate feelings behind a bestfriends wall. makes me feel pretty ******.. but thanks so much!

I totally understand. I love my best friends brother. And sometimes I think we understand each other more than my best friend and I. And her brother is 15 and I am 14. Maybe you should tell him. I mean there is nothing stopping you but yourself right? Sure he is older. But you know what, I think age doesnt really matter when it comes to true love. And if its true love, you should go ahead. Because life might go on, and you might wonder what if? one day, and I dont want you to miss out on him. GO and tell him how you feel. You will know when the time is right. Good luck =)