Her Brother...

My best friend, is amazing. She is one of the nicest people I've ever met. She loves everyone so much. Whenever she feels sad, she still smiles, so we wont feel upset for her- she hates it when people feel sad. She is always the brightest light in the room. If you feel sad, you go to her, see her smile, and *BANG* you're cured! 

Recently I went to her house. We went straight to her room, and messed around. Then Jordan arrived. This wasn't her brother- this was her brothers friend. He's older than me, but still in the same year. And small. And slightly annoying. That's when I think I first noticed how cute her brother was. Of course I saw him before. But I kind of ignored him. He is my best friends little brother after all.

But he really is cute. He has the same smile as my friend, he's WAY shorter than me, and was constantly tell jokes and talking in this fake little American accent, which just made him sound cuter. Thinking back- if he had been slightly taller I would have labeled him differently to 'cute'. 

He kept asking me to give him the Tango at dinner. So I kept stealing it, because he kept pouting and making these funny faces. I eventually just gave it to him, before he actually got annoyed with me, and he just laughed.

One thing I didn't mention before: My best friend and her brother are ginger- so we were laughing about that too . As soon as he got the tango, I pouted back, and stood up and said: "I was going to put it up here next time" and stood on my tiptoes and held my hand up as far as I could." My best friend didn't find this funny, since she couldn't reach me either (her parents are small= everyone in their house is small). He told me to put my hand up again. So I did. Maybe without realizing it, he put one hand on my waist, and the other on my shoulder, and lent on me. I instantly dropped my hand and walked away, and went to my friends room. I just laughed it off, and hoped my friend didn't noticed my face! 

But its so difficult. My friend always talks about how much she hates her brother. Which just reminds me about what he did. Secretly I can't wait till I go to her house again... But its wrong. So I just have to remind myself that I don't like him- and this stupid crush will go away soon.

He gives me butterfly's to think about him. But I certainly can't let him or my friend know about that. Because it will go away.. wont it?

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

In my case it never went away, but hey I ended up with him. The butterflies could just be you noticing the things that you like about him. Its easy to ignore them if you dont look for them. Dont compare or think about him in relation to anyone else. Sure you can still be friends, just ignore the fact that some of the things he does make you interested in him. If you dont WANT to like him, you just might NOt like him anymore. Ha easier said than done. But if you do like him, suggest things that your friend and her brother can do like go watch a movie all together. Get to know him a little bit better. And if you like what you see, then start hanging out more and more often with him. It takes time. Its not going to happen in a day. Maybe one day your friend might understand. Good Luck! =)