Heaven Sent?

Ummm we met when I was 14 and have been best friends ever since,I liked him from the beginning and it isnt until recently I noticed that those feelings have progressed immensily. He has helped me through everything. He is always making sexual jokes and is always flirting. He has tried to kiss me on a couple of occasions, but I just said that it would be weird and that we are too good of friends. I want to go for it, but I know that our friendship will last longer than any relationship ever could. Help! <3

Sarrahana Sarrahana
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

see thats how i feel too. ok so maybe he loves me too and we get into a realationship and we break up? i might lose my friend and then telling him doesnt seem worth it. i wish i could give advice but were in the same boat but its comforting to here other stories. the best thing i could say to you is, it seems the feelings are mutual. i say go for it but take it slow, never stop being friends because your friendship with him is what bonds you, that way if it doesnt work out romantically u two can look back and laugh about it and remain frends.. good luck!

Well i see you are 18 - 21. I myself am in that situation. I am almost 34 and my friend and I have known each other for 20 years and have always been best buddies. We ran into each other a few months ago still remained friends till recently. It has been amazing and we both know that the core basis of our relationship is our friendship. It is working for us at this point very well. Even if it doesnt work out between us we both know that our friendship will continue because of the love we have for each other as a person not just as a couple. Plus, for us there are no hidden secrets....we know everything about the ohter one and their habits.

You didn't say how old you are but from the sound of it you're probably in your teens. Once you go through that "love" door, usually there's no going back to being friends again.