Great-Guy-Friend. You Know the Story

A couple of years ago I started in a band. I don't know the one guitarist, but we go to school together. Well, we start talking and get along very well. We both have other gf/bf at that moment, so no romantic feelings. None of us have anymore. The band stopped, but we still talked. I was friends with his friends. Today he's also a friend of my friends.

He says I'm the one he's most honest and open with. We hang out between almost every class in school (we're not in the same class) with/without our friends. We talk, joke around and he carries me often on his shoulder or bag. We have a lot of fun and are starting hangning out after school too.

But I don't know if he wants to be more than friends.. see, it's only a month ago he and his exgirlfriend broke up...

We're going to a big birthday party in a week, but I don't know if I should make a move there.. I want to take the change, but we have such a great time already.. I really like him. He's so wonderful.


Sorry it's so long. :) I thank you for reading..

tk123 tk123
Mar 26, 2009