My Personal Greek God

I just started at a new company and I have a huge crush on my new boss. We are both not married and he is not actually my direct boss. I am not sure that he feels the same way but every time he sees me he smiles and my heart melts. This and I had to endure sitting next to him as he gracefully explained how to do my job.  He came in today looking like a greek god, i nearly fainted as he walked in pin-striped shirted, black pants and a starbucks coffee.  For the time being I am not working near him all the time which I find a little easier but my boss is leaving soon to have a baby and I will be with him constantly. I know that this is bad and that I am kidding myself but he is the prefect model of what I have been looking for in a man.   HELP!

irishdove irishdove
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

I am having a simular experience only I believe my boss is married. He doesn't wear a ring yet he always talks about his wife. He is very aware that I am interested in him he even comes to my work area to sit and talk . The only problem is I can not see myself being the mistress!! Yet I he is the best pasrt of my job!!