My Boyfriend Is So Cool

  My  boyfriend Rorri Allen  Peaton   met me  at the Arc of Alachua   after  Kim Blaskie  broke  up with him  .   I am  his  cute baby  and  no  one  has the right to hurt me or he  will  tell them "  Leave Adi  my baby  alone

he  is cute and I love him alot  thanks for being my hot cool  boyfriend Rorri Allen Peaton  



Krauthammera Krauthammera
1 Response Mar 18, 2009

Adi<br />
Hey its rorri ALlen Peaton <br />
Sorry I didn't get my call from my cell phone It is broken if it is repeated please do not call my cell phone anymore that costs me minutes but you can call me on my apartment phone number it is 505-0856 352 Gainesville number Reflections Apt # 3Q