Does My Childhood Friend Feel The Same Way!!!

I have a childhood friend. We were best mates throughout primary school and secoundry school. We did everythink together we onli lived a couple of doors away from each other. Be with each other everyday and then on the phone all the time. We did eventually fall out after being friends for at least 9years. And it broke my heart to lose him and never really got over it. But i carried on like i was over it and didnt need him he seemed to be gettin on with his life so should i. Anyway about a year and half ago we seen each other in a nightclub and we eventually started talkin again it was like we never fell out. We obvisilly wernt as close but spoke when we seen each other. Untill one week when he bought me a drink we would take it in turns in buying the drinks and he made a move. from then on things would happen bewteen us but we never slept together. We all went back to a house party one week he gave me his jacket asked for my number. And then he asked me to go back to his but i said no i dont know y i did i just did. And after sayin no a few times he eventually said ill just go find someone else i just thought your doing it to make me jealous and guess what it worked. He did meet a girl and they have been sleeping together ever since. Me and the girl dont get on we mostly argue if we see each other. I try not to let him knwo i care. But when im talkin to a lad you can tell he gets jealous because he always interates and says thinks lliek oo this your neew man things like that. I know he is only using this girl and he admittes it we have had a moments but i do think he cares for me and always has. When we talk we get on fine but when we argue we argue. Do you think he is just using this girl to get at me, he does still ask me to go to his now even tho he is ment to be with her there not official. is he making me jealous or does he care for me.

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Even if he is doing it to get you jealous.. its not a great trait. A relationship like that couldnt work just because its horrible to purposely hurt someone you care about.. but everyone is different and only you know if its worth being hurt like that, maybe all you need is to be honest, ask him how he feels and you tell him how you feel. its a one time deal to just lay your cards on the the end you will know the truth. and if he takes you on a runaround avoiding the talk and his feelings then its time to just let him grow up.