Last night, in yet another fit of desperate drunkenness, I broke down and told him about how my husband has absolutely no desire to make love to me... How he makes I felt compelled to specifically tell him about this.

I don't know how or if he replied. I assume he just ignored my cry for help because lately no one really seems to concerned about the extent to which I've messed my own life up.

I thought I had reconnected with a childhood friend...but he became afraid when things got too intense between us and ran away from the situation.

Now I have temporarily deactivated my Facebook account because I just can't deal with anyone and I WANT them to ******* worry about me and whether or not I have blocked them.

I feel terrible. Honestly, I just want to have my looks appreciated. I want romance in my life and I want sex. I would ask the rhetorical question " is this wrong?" But I already know this is simply a natural urge in human beings.

I swear to god, I'm a reasonably nice looking woman. To be ignored in this manner is beyond excruciating.

I am debatably on the edge of suicidal...

T, I have no idea how you feel about all this...are you similarly ignored by your own you have the same desires I have? What can we do about it even if you do. I don't ******* know. I shouldn't have said what I did. :-(

I feel terrible.
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Wow..I could have written this.