Yes I Love My Cousin

I've had a on my cousin since we were in pre-school. It's probably because we were so close in age and had a lot in common and hung out a lot. Well we were probably in second grade when my brother and his sister dared us to kiss.The weird thing was that he just kissed me there was nothing weird or something that would make it hard for us to talk! In fact ever since then we have become better friends and we have developt feelings for each other. I think im really in love but im also confused! A little while back we went Tennessee with his mom,sister,and his sisters boyfriend. We went to this place called wonderworks or something like that and did a bunch of fun things together(of course his mom was there) Well his mom had to go pick up his sister and her boyfriend so we just hung out until they called us and said they were going out to eat. We figured they would eat at a fastfood place or something and then pick us up.No they went to this fancy restaurant and were gonna be like 2 hours.So he and i decided to grab a slice of pizza and wait well about halfway through the meal he asks if im seeing anybody i said no how about you he goes no then its quiet for a while. He then says do you remember that dare a long time ago when we kissed each other?Im like yes i remember and then he drops it! Well we are waiting outside(its freezing) for his mom i have no jacket he asks if im cold i say ya kinda. So he comes over real close takes off his jacket and puts it around me then he puts his arm around me!! We start talking about when we were kids and stuff like that and then i was talking about when i turn 16 i want to have my first real kiss. He then says by who.Im like i dont know! We made a deal that on our 16th birthdays we would kiss so we still havint kissed yet but ive got 5 months and 3 days!! But our parents and friends dont know my brother knows i like him but nothing else.
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