First I want to say That I'm happy to find people like me.
My story outline ...
When I was 15 I met a cousin on my fathers side for the first time (I don't talk to my father or his family). We talked and hung out n got to know each other and realized we are alike in many ways. A couple weeks after I met him I moved in his house because I got kicked outta mine. After spending every moment of every day together we realized we were in love with each other. Forth of July 2006 we shared our feelings n made it official. Although it was hard n we were scared we let our families Know of our feelings we have for each other and they were mad but got over it after awhile.
On July of 2007 I gave birth to our daughter and she had 10 fingers n 10 toes and was perfectly healthy n not to mention she is sooo beautiful. (Oh n my mom n family threw me a baby shower :) ) On March 2008 I gave birth to our handsome healthy baby boy then in July of 2010 I gave birth to our baby boy who is also PERFECT!!! We just celebrated our 6 year anniversary, and we couldn't be happier oh n our parents love their grandchildren!
No one can help who they fall in love with! THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS!!!
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I love you and love your story. I have read so many love stories of cousins who have to break up mainly for fear. You kept going and have happy story to share. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Love your story, and love how your children have completely disproven the notion that cousin couples will have inbred children with all sorts of deformations. I also love what you ended your story with - the heart wants what the heart wants. A good friend of mine gave me that advice when I went to her for advice with my feelings for my cousin. Sadly, I am getting too old to have another child (if we had a child right now, I would be 60 by the time she turned 18...), so I recently took care of that possible situation. It warms my heart to hear that your family has accepted it. Our biggest fear is how our parents are going to react, but we both are thinking we are two consenting adults so there is very little they can say.

God bless you both and your wonderful children!

I'm very proud of you, you made it, I'm still in love with my cousin and she loves me too, but our families rejects our feelings and sometimes i feel like giving up. And everybody also says that if we had children that would be an awful idea, but I think that they're wrong and they say so just get my cousin and me separated. I hope that one I can be with her, and be free

Live your life the way you want to James and tell the rest to stick it.If you want to be with your cousin then that is just your business

wow congrats to you both what a great story also best wishs for the both of you.

Thank you so much for the support, it means alot to me! :)

Congrats .You live the way you want to . Tell us more about about your life with him. Maybe you both keep loving each other till your old and gray