Were 3rd Cousins and Are In Love....

erin and i are third cousins and are in love. we never really grew up around each other and would have not really known each other if it were not for older relatives. it started one night when we both happened to be at the same bar. she walked in and we saw each other. she came over to saw hello which ended up being us together all night side by side. that night was like we were the only ones there. we just talked and had a good time that night. we exchanged numbers and talked the next day. we decided to have a dinner party the following wednesday at erin's friends house. after dinner sometime erin and i went outside to smoke a cigarette and talk, we gave each other hug and thats when erin kissed me. that kiss although nothing too extreme was so amazing for me. we have been together ever since dealing  w/ people's ignorance. we both have found a love with each other that we thought was not possible. we have been through alot together in the past couple months. we are in love, want to get married, and have a baby. that is our short story ...how we fell in love. 

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I don't want to be racist but look at the muslim world. They marry their first cousins most of the time and have no problems. They are also humans, so if they do not have problems then no one else will have. It is only a social issue blown out of proportions. it has nothing to do with genes or having an abnormal child.

Who fold you most of the muslim worlds marry their fist cousin ? Its inappropriate and their kids will be sick

Please, check up with one of your Muslim friend if you have one. They even prefer to marry their cousins and in the religion it is specified to whom they can marry.

Just check the facts and then makeup your mind.

I'm in love with my third cousin, Jacob, we met at a family reunion when we were both fourteen. We love each other so much and we do things that a normal couple would do. We just don't let anybody know, only because we are scared.. Advice please?

I need help im in the same thing i went to see family and i fell in love with my 14 year old cuzin and im 15 we love each other but my parents do not approve

my 1st cousin and i live-in partner @almost 12 years and we have 4 kidz, but we're not yet legally married. is anyone help us how and where we get bless from church? we are both Roman catholic. please send me your help in my email add.

I say GO WITH YOUR HEART!!!! Everything happens for a REASON!!! :) It was SO hard for us to tell our family but over time, they love us and are behind us 100%! They see that WE are HAPPY and honestly, that is and SHOULD be ALL that MATTERS! Love is UNCONDITIONAL right!?!?! Noone can help what their heart feels! Like I said, everything happens for a reason, I say go with the flow and take each day as it comes.... as long as you are both happy that is all that matters! Life is too short!!! :) wishing you the best of luck!! xoxoxo PS- keep us posted!!! :)

If you are mature enough to realise that you just may receive scorn and judgement and still are prepared to persue a loving and meaningful relationship I wish you every happiness. There are many taboos i and my sister have committed the most of cardinal sins. We have been lovers since we were teenagers, both of us are married to others, but will never stop loving each other.

thats a little ***** up man

I say GO FOR IT! We only live once! I found a site that has all kinds of statitics of cousin relationships., did you know apparently the mayor Rudy G. of NY was/is married to his first cousin! Theres a whole list you can find online we printed it out for family to see! LOL It worked! Even Shawns therapist said GO FOR IT! :)