In My Dreams Yet Again

So,,here she is yet again in my dreams.It seems like no matter how hard i try to get her off of my mind,,she wouldn let me.Anyways,,here s the dream,,just a small one - - - -

She was at my place with her whole family and there was another girl with her.I don know who she was but she was attractive.I still very vaguely remember her face from the last night dream.So,,me,,my mum and she and her family,,we all went to a stadium for a hockey match and the stadium was filled upto the brim.Then the very next moment,,i found myself seated while she(my cousin) was still standing quite far away from me and she couldn find a seat.I saw her ,,got up and went down to her,,took her by the hand and shared my seat with her.I can still remember she was wearin a beautiful feminine striped top..She looked so elegant in it.Then we shared our seat,,,that other girl also came to my seat and sat before us talkin about general stuff.That other girl kindaa started flirting with me and started showing interest in me but neither me and nor my cousin seemed interested to listen to her.She then simply gave me a smile and went away.As she left me and my cousin felt a bit better,,i think we wanted some time alone and away from everyone else.We spoke nothing,,but i could feel her little finger lingering over my hand.Then we gently held each other's hands .The next thing i noticed was her resting on my shoulder as i leaned on her side as well.We just simply sat like that fully silent just enjoyin feelin each other.
Then i felt somethin fluffy and salty in my mouth.That was my kid sis stuffing my socks into my mouth tryin to play a little prank,,,i realized i was awake and that beautiful moment was just a dream.AND THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT HAPPENS after i dream about her is that the very next morning i get her e mail in my inbox.Yes,,that's right.Everytime i dream of her,,i get her mail the very next morning.This time was no exception,,,,,,,,Would someone tell me what this is all about???This co-incidence of dreamin about her and getting her mail in my inbox the very next morning has happened the fourth straight time....Its just incredible and i cant explain that..Can any of u??????
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Awwww I just read Sounds like you are in love guy!!! I KNOW the feelin...the guy I've been chatting w/ for over a year now I know NOW that I'm completely and utterly head over heels (cept it's not the same for him)...sigh... I know what he looks like, even moves like (cuz we've been on cam) I'm able to dream of him...QUITE a lot..some are strange, others are so so...and a few are off the wall insanely crazy!!! BUT in a good way. I don't think you dream about people you don't care for....if you did, those would prob. be nightmares? :) Does she seem to share your feelings? Hey... u can send me a PM if ya want, and maybe describe how she is toward you if you are confused about the whole situation...I mean from a woman's point of view (being mine)...maybe that'd help clear any other questions for ya?'s MY input on the whole ordeal of I'm sure you've heard, the conscious mind doesn't usually see everything that the unconscious mind sees and feels (emotionally)...also I believe in the sixth sense (to a certain sense so to speak)...I've actually had a few 'psychic' dreams much to go into depth on in here...but it dealt with love...and even death. SO i'm going to say, there's a reason your mind is telling you something, in your dreams...and my first instinct is love...but I could be wrong...but I kinda feel like I might not be? :) be young and in love...sigh :P...