I Love Him So Much It Hurts..

My cousin and I have always been in love ..
We hated each other when we were kids, yet we couldn't be apart from each other. My mom always told me that we would ask for each other all the time, and when we were together one of us would end up crying. He confessed that he loved me when he was 16 and i was 14. I always knew there was something more, but i always ignored it. Then in 2008 we got together and had a relationship for 2 years, until one day he told me that we should take our separate ways. It's been 5 years and i'm still not over him..It's like i love him more and more each day..Our families are very close and although we are not together i know that he loves me by the way he looks and touches me. It's weird ..sometimes i feel like we are meant to be and that in our past lives we were lovers, that's why we are in love now..haha yes i know it sounds crazy, but i have no other explanation onto these deep feelings i feel for him....he's just so perfect for me, everything i need and want in someone, it's him<3

The thing is i don't know if he still loves me, and i feel like i'm going crazy without him :/ I love him with all my heart, but how would i know if he still loves me too?
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well iv done this and well you can only do it slowly or you will hurt yourself in the end i think and all i can say is be yourself and love who you want and just go crazy with it and find that amazing guy in your life :) ,dont try and like me though :/ like i went from relationship from relationship when i got dumped cause i could never bare to have such a pain inside of me and i cried every night and that is in the past now and now iv been single for ages but this isn't about me its about you and what im really trying to say is here dont let that love make your life unhealthy if you can ,im sorry to say but if he loved you he would of never given you up like he did and he may have feelings for you now but its clear he didt back then and he dumped you so its his job to come and be with you again cause its a two way street and dont ever let anyone tell you that you deserve anything less then perfect :) ,but to be honest i dont know every thing and im just going on by what you have said and its a matter that you need to search inside yourself and there is only so much a person can do to help you and you will need to look inside yourself for the answers ,all in all i hope you find true love one day :)

Wow this really helped me! You are so right if he loves me he'll make the effort to be with me, and if he doesn't then he never did i guess.Yes sometimes i feel like i do deserve better than what i'm settling for...I will try my best to search for answers within myself, thank you so much for your advice it really made a difference! :)

im glad to help :) well heck if i really cared about a girl and i knew she deserved it i would go the extra mile for her and look after her and well he needs to show those things and you deserve to be loved and we all do but only do that with people who love you back but we always mange to love the wrong ones ,if you try and try and still nothing happens try and stop cause the pain will just eat you up inside but like i said look inside yourself :)

Yeah if i cared about someone i'd try my best to be with them too :/ , i guess i shouldn't pay attention to little details like that and focus on what i deserve , thank u for ur words:)

by the things he dos will tell you more than any thing else.

So you think he still loves me? ....or no ?:/

yes i believe that he still loves you other wise he woudn't be touching the way he dos.

Yeah ur right..he's coming over tomorrow i think i might ask him... if he loves me still.. :/

that's a idea! i'd like to hear how it gos.

I'll let you know what happens then, thank u for ur opinion!

your very welcome.

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