Why Does He Keep Coming Back For More?

Okay so we've been together in the past, we were together for a year and three months and then he broke up with me because he was scared our family would find out. However, ever since then before he gets in a relationship, during, and after.. he comes back to me. Like if he's in a relationship with a girl. & when he goes to my house he'll hug me for no reason or want to be as close to me as possible, but i don't understand why?

We have sex but like (i know this sounds stupid) but i try to be boring in bed so that he'll eventually get bored and stop coming back, because it hurts when we have sex and go back to being just "cousins" . However he always comes back for more, even if i'm boring..and when we have sex he's very passionate about it..

Is he using me? Or is he trying to find a way to feel close to me?
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Looks like a booty call for him. Respect your self and draw a line with him. Tell him its all or nothing