How Do I Tell My Family I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With My Cousin?

I accidentally kissed my cousin 14 years ago. Ever since then we've been together ever since but secretly dating. 14 years on & i'm still deeply in love with him. I tried fighting it & know its wrong but i've never ever felt like that with anyone. I love him & he loves me, we want to get married & have a family but very scared on how our family will react to the news. Im 30 & hes 36. I know hes my soul mate. Would love to hear all your advice & feedbacks please!
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It's a blessing to find your soul mate. It's not like he's your brother, lol.... Love each other. Cling to each other.

It's not wrong, just because you grew up in a society were it's looked down on doesn't make it wrong, I am a Muslim convert and grew up thinking it was wrong until I realised it was permissive in the religion of Islam, and funny enough I developed feelings for my first cousin when I was around 12 or 13 and they never went away, we both realised Denham deep feelings for one another, she was born Muslim nd I converted, not for her love, I converted because it's the true religion of god, but one day soon I'll ask her father for her hand in marriage, just because it's viewed as wrong doesn't make it wrong

Follow your heart! Go for it! At the end of the day its only going to be you and the love of your life. I had to come to the same conclusion myself with loving my 2nd cousin. I tried to reject his love for me but my heart would not. We connected in June 2012 and got married October 2012. He is 36 and I am 45! I have no regrets.

Keep the love going till you are both old and gray angel

How did your family react about your decisions?

I have not told my family yet about our marriage. We are going to wait for the right time. My husband is currently in prison and should be home by the end of this year. We have not consummated our marriage yet.

I have never known love until I began a relationship with my cousin. I feel our marriage was a blessing. I divorced after 25yrs of marriage and when I received a letter from him I felt a connection in my spirit. He is my lifeline and I am so grateful for his love. I think about him all the time and I enjoy our visits every weekend.

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You shouldn't let the fact that you are related stop you from experiencing love. In most places it is perfectly acceptable to have a relationship with your cousin. If it isn't where you are, go somewhere else.

Thanks, i know thats where my heart is & i will find the right time for us both to tell the family. We used to live together but i moved interstate against his wishes to get over him & not encourage the situation but with no luck lol.

Spencer there is no doubt hes the one for me & no one else. He has made alot of efforts & proved to me the last 14 yrs that this is also what he wants. He has called off his wedding & we both have had other long term relationships but never the same so we both walk out of the relationships back into each others arms. I cant stand seeing him with any other girls vice versa but we always respected each others relationships enough not to cheat on our partners. I will die loving him. Both planning on telling the families next few years.

If both of you are 100% sure that you'll face anything life can bring, then both of you tell your families about your plans. everyone may judge you but only one can do that, and HE has understanding. Best of luck!

Thank u :-)

Thanks guys, hopefully one day i have a success story to share with u all

When you have successful story to tell. Then post it please

Keep your love going till you are both old and gray. Tell the rest of the world to take a hike. You have found your soul mate and be happy

I had that same thing with my cousin too. But it's all about what you think is right. Not what anybody else thinks.

Thanks professor turtle. It helps to know that not everyone will judge you

If its true love it shouldn't matter what any one else thinks! Even if your family don't understand straight away they probably will eventually!

We're hoping to buy a house & start a family in the next few years. We talover the phone everyday & see each other when we get a chance. My feelings for him have not changed for the last 14 years. I still get butterflies & mumble my words when i see him :-).