I'm Falling For Him

It's a cliche really, as it all started as plain platonic buddy buddy relationship.  I was the one he ran to when he had relationship problems, he was my comforter whenever I was in pain, then I just simply woke up one day and realized that I was falling for him.  I would never have known about this feelings if he hadn't;t given me the "signs".   He would text more often now, get jealous of the time I spend with my boyfriend(OK so that is another story  I have to tell some other time in another experience group) then he sent me a message that shook my world..."I think I'm falling for you"!  We were seated at a coffee shop then talking to some friends when he did this, I was shocked!I couldn't't even look him in the eye.  That night we said good night in an awkward way.

We avoided each other after that, didn't't communicate for some time, then the realization set in...I too am falling for him.  Icouldn't stand not to see him, or hear from him!!!  So I casually visited him in his office, he sat there staring at me while I just looked into his eyes and everything was said.  That night we met at our usual coffee shop...this time just the two of us.  It just felt so right!  We didn't't say anything about our feelings but it seemed like we didn't really have to. 

We cannot take this anywhere further, I am committed and he cannot commit, but though I know nothing will come out of this...I'm just happy to know that I've fallen for him...
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2 Responses Dec 21, 2010

So what is wrong with having him as a friend with benefits or a having him as a work hubby or boyfriend.

I too fell in love with a co worker...but he was also the boss's son. It was almost love at first sight. Even though he said we had to keep our dinner dates a secret, he was still very transparent in the office. U would litetally had to have been deaf, dumb and stupid not to realize nothing was going on.