I'M In Love With A Younger Coworker

I am obsessively attracted to a younger coworker of mine. She's 20 I'm 30 and married. It started out innocently enough talking flirting , hanging out after work or drinks etc. it recently has led to strong flirting and suggestive talk. I'm so attracted to her it's like almost a primal instinct. I think she's the most beautiful girl in he world and I constantly think about her. I believe the feelings are mutual however I'm married to a wonderful girl as well whom I love deeply. I'm sure it's just lust but I feel like I would def take it to the next level if she or I would let it happen. What do I do? I feel like I just want to see what happens what if she's my perfect match? I just can't seem to shake this girl out of my mind. Help!
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I can sympathise. I'm 52 and in a relationship (we have a young child), my co-worker is 24. I dropped her off at the station the other day. Now we've always been friendly and have kissed quite demurely already - a peck on the cheek, nothing else - and have exchanged the odd hug. This time - possibly accidentally - we kissed on the lips. I won't deny it gave me quite a thrill but I'm wondering how she took it. Up till now we've been very friendly towards each other but now I feel very attracted to her. I feel you really have to weigh up what you have to lose before you take things any further - can you really see yourself having a future with this young colleague ? Whatever you do, best of luck.

Ask your co-worker about the kiss and see what she say's

Its men like you who make me feel past it at just 28!! If men your age are fancying 24 year olds what hope is there for girls/women my age? lol

A lot of guys just don't care what age the lady is where she is 24 or eve 28. If the lady is a gorgeous woman they will try their lucky. There is hope for women your age miss Irish.

Yah maybe I was just being presumptuous but getting near thirty is scary for us girls!! :)

IrishEyes - I'm sure Mr Right's out there for you (by the way I have Irish blood !) !

It is the same for us guys as well miss Irish eyes

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What kind of job do you two both do?

Both are in retail, I was reading one of your stories about a crush you had, what ever happened with yours?

its still going on. He is my teacher and we are the same age. I do however look a lot younger than my age I am twenty eight year old but ppl usually think I'm 22. thanks for looking at my story :) I wish you luck as well.

Stop crushing and make it happen. If you are both of the same age then its legal

What type of retail are you both in. Their has to be some dark corner in the store where their is no cameras

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That is a thin line to cross man. Some times its lust and some times its more.You don't know unless you try and see what happens.Maybe when you two go out for drinks and let nature takes its course . Maybe she wants a sugar daddy.

Thanks for reading

You're playing with fire here. You may end up ruining a good marriage.. Think before you do anything with your coworker! Goodluck.

Thanks for advice