Started a New Job This Year

 I started at a new company this year in Florida and after learning the ropes, so to speak, I really started to notice one of my co-workers.  She is a really wonderful person, very vibrant and alive, with a great body and looks.  My marriage has been in trouble for a while now, basically my wife and I have not slept together in several years, but due to a variety of reasons, haven't gotten divorced, although we probably will. 

I really started to notice how funny and charming my co-worker was after she moved into the cubicle next to mine and we started talking more often.  Even though we no longer seat next to each other, we still talk several times a day, although never anything sexual in the least.  Although I feel strong longings for her, she probably does not feel the same way, she says "my friend" quite a bit, so she may have an inkling that I am attracted to her and is sending subtle signals. Or she may be shy or defensive to broach the subject.  I think about her quite a lot, funny things I could say to her to make her laugh, what her reaction would be if I asked if she wanted to be more than friends, etc.  I think the key would be to get her out of the office and alone, but that doesn't seem very easy to accomplish at this point.  

Anyway, it was good to get that off my chest, probablyl nothing will ever come of it, but I will update should there be any further developments.

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2 Responses Jan 2, 2009

Just to make you laugh I put that in inverted comma. The actual spelling is "slipping"

I see this relationship 'sleeping' from your hands. It's very necessary that you do following:<br />
<br />
1) Tell her: "I saw a dream last night...and I saw you in my dream" Then PAUSE. and give your broad, mysterious smile...<br />
Look at her like she is standing in front of you in a two piece bikini.<br />
<br />
When she ask further - don't tell her anything just say : "Its graphic" but "I know I will tell you soon" ; )