I Think I Am In Love With My Co-worker

 I have been working at the same place for about two years, This guy has been working there for about a year, we have become great friends over that time and we constantly flirt at work. He dated my friend that worked with us before that, i know its not a good thing to date your friends ex but I have liked him since they started dating. They are broken up now and we keep getting closer everytime we work together. Recently i cant stop thinking about him, and i dont know what i should do.

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Don't do it because something will eventually go wrong, an argument or a fight in your personal life and it will make working together weird. Even if things do work out and you date, get engaged or married, it's not a good idea to be with the same person 24/7. If you really like him maybe you should consider getting a job elsewhere. It will make the relationship honest as there will be no pressure on either of you to make it work simply because you have to work with each other every day.

I think there is nothing wrong with your feelings. Past is past. If u will think about his ex, you will miss the chance and will fail to see what the present brings. If he is single and you are single, then the feeling is mutual. Go girl! I am in love with my co worker too because he flirts a lot and it's been months before I finally realized that I fall for him. Lately, he's all i can think about. hehe

I am in the same situation myself and we both admit that we like each other alot but with the fact that I am married and he is not and we are close in age and live in different towns we chose to be only good friends and that is it. The best thing to do is let it be or work elsewhere. If it is okay with your friend then you may have a chance to to be with him because she may have moved on herself and it is all water under the bridge. Also if you 2 decide to go further it can work out and remember to leave your personal problems at home between you 2. I have seen it happen to others and things turned out to their liking. So look at the pros and cons of the situation and see where it goes.

Hi there,
Can I ask you if anything ever happened between you too (kiss, sex)? You mentioned you like EACH OTHER and I don`t understand how it can be bearable to see each other every day and hold back... You must have a very strong will power!:)
I`m in the same boat- I`m married 28yo (no kids), he`s single 32yo, 6 months working together, sexual tension between us is insane from day 1, we even struggle to communicate with each other like normal people. We had sex once in the beginning (I made a step forward), I told him that night how I feel, he admitted the same. Since then, nothing more. There is only this constant eye contact and we`re just trying to build friendship. He doesn`t even try to hide his gaze (his eyes always on me, I mean, ALWAYS- I catch his eye 9 times out of 10 and this is not how friends look at each other....), however he does not take any further actions. We both join every possible work functions and away days, act friendly with each other in the group, but in private we are both nervous when talking- never discussing 'that night', my husband and my marriage, or how we feel about each other. I must admit that he is very reserved and private guy, very well respected and liked by people and considered to be a very nice person. And I`m scared to speak up first (I guess I`m afraid to get rejected).
It`s almost all clear for me: he likes me but doesn`t want to get involved with the married women and a work colleague (double trouble). the jigsaw pieces have almost come together for me, apart from one piece- why he still maintains this crazy eye contact that drives me crazy!!!??? Why he just won`t 'let me to move on'....

Go with your feelings. I've struggled with my feelings for my friend for so long. We will only be friends because there is so much working against us besides just the workplace. I look forward to seeing her at work every day.

It says you're 18-21 -- probably best to be close friends (just because things change so fast!) but regardless, have a conversation about where you both are and what are the next steps? Depending on where you work, corporate policy can derail everything, so if its mutually serious then a meeting with HR might be a good idea ...

I'm in the same situation. There is a big age difference and we're both married, but that doesn't change the feelings. She's very careful not to let it go too far. We are great friends and share a lot of private information. I doubt that this will ever go any further, although it's been going on for about 7 years!

don't do it. you'll complicate your workplace. keep it simple, find someone outside of work.