Love Or Crush??

Not sure where to begin but here goes, both of us have been working for the same company for more then 5 years, and in the past year we both have become single. We both work in close together and see each other and talk to each other on a daily basis.  Of course we are friends, but only in the pass 7 months we actually got to know each other outside of the work area, and started to get involved with similar activities. Now as each day goes by my feelings for this person has grown more and more, i try to find ways to get close to this person at work as much as possible and try to find something we both like to do after work.  We both recently sign up for a big event happening in a few months and plan to go together and it would a whole day thing, and as we prepare for this event, we are getting together a few hours a week.  This person has told me things that they would like to try sometime, some adventure stuff and i told them it was something i always thought about and maybe we can go together and they said yes :).  After that my heart has been open big time for this person, realize that i get to spend more time outside of work with them.  Now for the hard part, any time we are out together and we come across some friends of theirs, i am always refer to as "oh its only my co-worker", not this is my friend, or anything i would think as positive. I could be reading that wrong but i not sure. As we time goes by and we see each other more and more i having issues of holding back my feelings and feel if i don't tell them the way i feel about them i will just burst, and at the same time i don't want to ruined anything that we have plan for the near future.I am thinking if i can just hold out till the big event day and maybe use that day as the day that i express my true feelings for them. I am willing to leave the company that we work at if it either goes sour or that the only way we could be together was for one of us to leave. Now that i have typed this out, i feel a bit better but still want some help, want do i do? Hold out? or never tell them? i am so confused about this.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

I told the co-worker I've been in love with that I lover her and it almost cost me the relationship. She freaked and I finally calmed her down by telling her it wouldn't change anything. We're back to being very close friends, which is important to me.