And He Is In Love With Me

We are making plans to remarry in church.  I am proud of where we are after all we have gone through.  I am amazed at how strong our love for one another is and now will always be.   We have gone through some horrible things together, and that is it, together, then now and always.  All of it, we wound up still leaning on each other and now our family is becoming whole again. 

Never say never....I did several times.  Found we were always still there for one another no matter what the circumstance and that made a big difference.  I love this man with all my heart and made sure to keep showing him that until he found his heart again.  Now that we are together again and stronger than ever we know it is for life.

Thanks for all the hey ... yeah you, you know who you are and why you were chosen to be a chaotic part of this story.  To show him how much he truly does love me.  Our friendship brought him into your life, by mistake and he has confessed to what a huge mistake you were.  You are a regret and disgust in his soul.  To keep him from being eaten alive by the disgusting guilt he had for you I forgave him...I knew you would never win, knew he was using you and you knew it too.  You always get what you deserve when you **** where you one will talk to you now despite your online is pathetic yet hilarious....Thanks for sending John back to me so quickly.


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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

that's a very sexy and encouraging story