My Fist Cousin And I Love Each Other Madly

I hadn't seen him in 31 years and it was like electricity went through both of us...we talk everyday since our last meeting on a holiday...I can't wait to see him heart is aching because we are so far apart!!! I wasn't sure at first but it was amazing the time we spent together!!!
kimannneil kimannneil
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

this is so sweet....i have the same experience.

It is hard because loving my (first) cousin is not acceptable in society. There are so many challenges to keeping this relationship going. We have our families who would never accept it. We have a wife on his part. A cohabitant partner on my part(who is my ex-husband), yup weird. We have children on both parts. It hurts so much knowing we can never be open about this. When we are together with our families, I have to be so careful. But thank goodness our family is so huggy, feelly, that we can work with it. I love him so much that I am willing to "play the game", in order for us to have time together!