Starting The Transitioning With My Ftm Partner.

I'll start off by saying hello! I'm Sarah and I'm 24 years old. I have 3 children, twin girls who will be 5 and our son who just turned one. My partner legally adopted our son in February. He is biologically mine. I met my partner, Ethan, when he was still presenting as a lesbian. I knew he had came out as trans before but he wasn't living as that then. We or together when our son was 5 weeks old, and married pretty quickly. In September we won't to Iowa since Indiana doesn't recognize same sex marriages. We will have been together 1 year June 2nd.
Last week we had a therapy session. In 3 weeks Ethan will start testestorone injections. I am very happy he is finally going to be who he is inside. I am not sure how te process goes, but I'm here to support him through everything he goes through. I just want him to be comfortable in his skin and to be as happy as he deserves to be. I am still working on the pronouns. Intend to mix them up a lot when talking to others, but he understands. Our son has always know him as daddy, so nothing there will be confusing for him. We wanted to make sure we start the transitioning before he was old enough to get confused. We want him to not have to question things. We will educate him on things like him being adopted by Ethan and also about being open to other races, genders and tell him about transgender and things like that when he's old enough of course. We want our son to be accepting of everyone for who they are.
An issue I suppose is that I've always been insecure of myself, and it seems like its getting worse now that we are starting the transitioning. Maybe I don't feel as feminien or something. I've always been very small chested and im 5'9 and ethan is 5'4 so he also feels less masculan because of my height, but things change after kids! So I'm also going to be having surgery to enlarge my chest. I'm a girley girl, so not feeling like I loook beautiful put a damper on things. Im just not sure why my insecurities have gotten worse. But I think all of these changes will be great things for us! I think it's also going to make our relationship stronger than ever going through everything.
Shalstead Shalstead
22-25, F
May 5, 2012