My Tiger.....

I am in love...totally....completely......inexorably in love with Tiger!!  I must confess...I did not go to him for romance, only for an understanding of who's love I was already assured.  We had been friends, and in fact lovers for a short, but intense period of time many months before our reunion, but had not kept in touch in the meantime.  Tiger cut all his ties to EP, and anyone associated with it..except me.   We didn't talk or exchange emails, but the avenue for me to get to him, should the need arise, was left open for me.  And the need did arise.  If I want to be honest, I will say that by the time Tiger got back to me , after the first of the new year, I was in a real mess. My history since coming to EP has not been stellar..nor my decision making.  Two disasterous affairs with EPeeps had crushed my heart almost beyond recognition. My best friend Knightmedic was my only salvation during this time, but he had issues of his own with which to deal.  I needed my Tiger. My first attempt to get in touch with him on Dec. 23 yielded no results....I had sooo been looking forward to talking to him.  He always had a way of making me feel better, no matter what else was going on.  As a week went by and he still didn't respond, I assumed he had worked things out with his wife and I was I had been for a good while.  Tiger was inaccessable to me....I was the cause of much trouble for him in his marriage....she already knew about me...and things we had written about on EP.  I was told politely, but firmly, that I was no longer welcome as an associate for Tiger.  Our friendship languished...both of US having nothing but loving memories of each other, but no contact , out of respect for his faltering marriage, and his attempt to save it.  I took a big chance emailing him, but waited til I needed him desperately..and even then, stepping lightly, I didn't want to ruin anthing for him, and was prepared to be told to go away.  Accordingly, his failure to reply didn't surprise me.  I was surprised , but glad he had worked things out in his marriage, he deserved to be happy.

What did surprise me ,was that on Jan. 4, I got a notification on Facebook that Tiger had left me a message.  He had been trying to respond to me, but was having trouble with my email addresses , for some reason..finally , grasping at straws, left me a message on of the channels that had been left open , but unused.  Since that time, his life has gone to hell.  His "wife" can't make up her mind whether to make a settlement, or sue for dvorce on the grounds of adultery.  He feels pressure from all sides, me ,included..if not for my insane need to be with him all the time, and my penchant for needing constant care, he could live a much more comfortable life...with much less stress.  Tiger would never say that I am too much trouble.....on the contrary, he says I am worth it all.  I'm not so sure, but pray he's right....he's giving up much , to be with me.  Not only financially, but she has involved his family..removing every source of support for him...every one but me.  She is driving US together, making his life hell, and he never once complains about me adding to the stress he's constantly under.  I soooo love him..and admire him..for being able to leave here, walk back to that venom filled snake pit he used to call home, all to insure our future together.  His courage amazes me , and his devotion astounds me!!!

I love you, Tiger...forever and forever!!!!



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Baby, I love how you say what you say...I am humbled and yet inspired by your words and feelings. if I have courage, it is inspired by you; if i have strength, it is given me through God to help me deal with all. What I do have, is a certain knowledge that we BELONG together and have loved each other since before time. You and I, together, will survive this perfect storm, and emerge on the other side together, in love, and ecstatically happy together. I love you, my Lady!!! Together, we are US! And as US, we are invincable.<br />
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