A Surprise That Made Me Cry(:

Yesterday I went shopping with a few of my friends for prom shoes(: My mother called and told me I had a surprise waiting for me at home. I was on my way home when my boyfriend ( who is at AIT in Missouri) called. I walked in the door and my mom told me to get off the phone...and girls you know that no matter what happens when you can talk to your soldier...nothing will get in the way of that. But she would not let it go. So I get off the phone and she gave me this package. But would not let me open it until she got her camera..I agreed but then ran in my room..called chuck back and baracaded my door...haha I quickly opened the package while talking to chuck. It was a promise ring(:!!!!! I was speachless and didn't know what to say...I just kept telling him that I loved him and didn't know how to thank him so, when he asked me why i was being soooo happy I just responded " I love you". haha so i don't even know if he knows that i got it. But he told me he loved me more and that he had " proof" and i was like babe actually I have it (: I was so happy...and now im sitting in school and I am having so much fun showing it off(: If you have been keeping up with my stories...alot of my friends are against this but its whatever(: It has both of our birthstones on it and our names are engraved in it(:

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2 Responses May 11, 2010

I think that is sweet, and your friends are probably a little jealous.

That is soooooo wonderful....!!! Im happy for you!