Feeling The Distance....

I cant wait until the 27th!!! Ugh, Im really starting to feel the distance between me and my man. His schedule is, in the field for 4 days and home for 2 for the whole entire month. At first I was totally cool with this. But as the month draws on, it seems like it will never end. I get used to my lover home every night, and waking up to his beautiful smile every morning....and then he's gone again. I feel like the other woman, only difference is...the wife is the military. The nights he is away, I watch mind dulling movies, and absorb myself in my writing and blogs (lame, I know) until the early morning. I toss and turn in bed, and never get any sleep. I long for the phone calls at 10:30 @ night to hear his voice for 10 minutes. I seem to be slipping into this dark depression without him. Maybe deployment would be easier...at least I could get used to him gone, and now have to deal with him leaving over and over and over. But there is light at the end of my dark tunnel....Next Tuesday will be his last day.....Having a bad night ladies....sorry! Thanks for reading..
MissArmyWife MissArmyWife
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

yeah i was having a really bad night. but that is ok. i get my soldier home every night now. well except for staff duty coming up, and his getting stationed in Ft. Huachuca in November. We are getting married but not by the time he leaves. so I have to stay here for awhile.

I'm sorry that you miss him so much, but dont get depressed. He will be home soon and this is not the end of everything! Stay strong :)<br />
I'm feeling the distance between me and my man too. Hes been in boot camp for 1 week i cannot beleive it. Im still waiting for his address/letter and constantly thinking about him. I wish i could talk to him so much :(