Not My First G.i. Joe, But He's For Sure My Last

i've dated guys in all branches of the military. i don't really prefer them to any other guys, but it just happens. my first husband was in the army, and it was the worst. so after many years of staying away from most guys, i went to babysit for my friends in fort hood, tx. through them i met a guy. he was sweet, thoughtful and bought me car parts in stead of flowers! he was just everything i didn't know i needed. we've been together over 4yrs now, and still going strong!
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5 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I had a Navy guy, but my future hubby is Army Strong all the way! ;)

Me too! I have two exes in the Marines, and I'm now with my NG man, who will hopefully be my last!

car parts! i have a 79 impala! it's my pride and joy! i love that machine, and if you ever saw me, you'd knoe it's my love, love.

So what should carp arts have been - and if indeed "carp arts" please explain

i tried to fix the typos but ep wouldn't let me. sorry