I Love My Soldier

    I just found out my babe is going on a mission for 2 months!! 
Im so scared right now! I might not be able to talk to him the whole time:( I miss him so much, but im very proud of him. This will be the first time i go through this, i could really use some support. i just want him home already, only 4 months left till this deployment is over!! Then were getting married!! He is the love of my life!!
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4 Responses Feb 15, 2008

My soldier has been over there almost 2yrs. We were never allowed to skype, i've gotten only 5 phone calls, and he cant cam... he can see me, but im not allowed to see him. Its not fun. He is infantry and constantly does night missions and has done missions for months at a time several times--including through christmas one year. It sucked, but he told me "I've been in the army for 18 yrs, I know my job and I'm good at it. Dont worry about me that is my job. Worry about what we are going to do when I get home---that's your job" LOL.... he wants me to plan a wedding with absolutely NO clue when he is returning---easy right? lol

yea my fiance just got put on night missions too and we dont get the chance to talk on skype anymore so i havent seen his face in almost 3 weeks but we still get to email and i usually wake up to an email.but the emails have been getting shorter...idk why.

I feel ya, I just found out that my BF will be going on these "night"missions and I'm starting to freak out a little bit. My ex-husband was in the Navy, but he was always on a ship, and was almost always allowed to keep in touch. But with these missions, I'm not sure how much time will go by between us being able to talk or email.

i know how the secret mission thing goes like i month into his deployment he had one of those and i didnt talk to him for like 3 weeks i was so scared and i wanted to know what was goin on hes been deployed for 7 months and has 8-10 months left to go hes a SGT in the army and its his second time in Iraq and i miss him very much i just have to relize the army is a part of our lives and our lives work around the army and for me being 21 and him 22 we have matured more then our years we even exchanged our first i love you's over an IM box while he was there lol but im proud of that aslong as i talk to him atleast once a day or everyother day im sane but any longer i worry but thats what makes us army/militarty girlfriends and wives so special be cause we love harder worry harder and fall harder then normal love its a love all of its own and we have to stick togeather because with no one to stick with we go crazy so i hope the best for you and you boyfriend and God Bless you both.