Destined To Be Together

My soldier and I went to school together. After graduation he went right into the army, and 10yrs later found me on the internet. He wouldnt tell me where he was be we emailed a little and then he called me and finally told me he was in bosnia. "We should get together" he said. I thought he was crazy, he was in a war zone on the other side of the planet and just WHEN exactly did he think we could get together?  He thought I was being a witch, and I thought he was extremely unrealistic. Another 8yrs later, he found me on facebook, and this time he immediately said "Im in the US but still in the Army--I always wanted to get to know you better, so let's keep talking and see what happens. I was in NJ, and he was in ALASKA! how did he think this would work. After 5 months of email, chat, and phone calls I flew out to see him and oh what a time. We fell for eachother right away. Then the hammer fell, "I'm going to Iraq".  I wasnt as upset about this as I should have been because I thought he meant next month, next week, something!  I left him at the airport and two days later got a message that he was in Kuwait---THAT I wasnt expecting. I was expecting time to ease into the idea.  It's been 2 long years now that he has been there... and I only got to see him for 2 nights last June when he returned for some sort of class---no mid tour R&R for him.  He wants to get married when he comes home, and although many people have told me that I should doubt him and the fact he has been away so long, or the concept that he is moving from camp to camp and cant always email, or that i have gotten very few calls over the past couple of years, I trust that my honey is pressing on. I have been told that I waited long enough and it is lucky i waited this long, and should move on.  But I love the guy, and with any luck, we will be married by the end of the year! wink wink
mastersslave74 mastersslave74
36-40, F
Apr 21, 2011