It's So Hard to Be So Far...

I love my boyfriend so much, but we only started datingwhile he was in boot camp.  i'll be 19 in june, and hes 20 in july...he's ready to be married, or at the very least engaged.  and  feel like im just too young.  but the truth is i would marry him tomorrow if it meant calling him my husband.  and he acts like superman...and i am jsut so nervous that he is going to want to play superman while he is out there...i just worry that something will happen to him and i will be alone.  Is marrying him now the right thing to do?

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2008

Your heart will let you know if it's right or not. Just let him know how much you miss him and how much you love him. Don't let him know how much you worry. My boyfriend is in Iraq on his third tour and he's infantry. I can't help but worry. But he doesn't like the idea of me sitting at home worrying. Just let him know that you are waiting for him...that will keep him going when things get rough and hard and he doesn't think he can do it anymore.

I know its hard im 21 and he just turned 22 we only dated 3 months and he got deployed to Iraq hes been there for 7 months now and has 11 more months to go i worry everyday hes a SGT in the army and he drives supply trucks threw combat zones so thats really scary but he said he didnt want to go as far as to get married untill he got back this is his second time going to Iraq and he just wants to wait to see what happens and after this time he wont be going back to Iraq for a long time as far as he knows and we are going to start our life togeather just dont rush it plus for me i didnt want to put extra pressure on him while he's over there so i just tell him i love him sooo much and i miss him and let him know there is someone back home waiting for just stand by him and tell him you love him everyday even he dont say it back because guys r just like that for some reason lol and just let him and yourself know that you love each other.