My Husband .. My Hero

well all i have to say is ever since i been with my husband we knew this day was gonna come...he has gone thrue this before this is his second deployment...but this time he is married to me and its hard just to think imma b without hhim for 400 days...we got married july last year and since then he has been gone 2weeks at a time...but now its 400 days i dont know what to do ...i have a full time job but i feel like thats not gonna b enugh to keep me busy ..i need a hobby....i droped him of at his unit today in the morning and its been hard...,.i d k  what to do...
mmmmaciel85 mmmmaciel85
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1 Response Sep 6, 2011

Im marrying my soldier in june and he's deploying next febuary... <br />
how are you doing today??