I am head over heels in love with him we met 10 months ago it was the best day of my life we talked for hours like 4 hours I think and just hit it off and we've been together ever since 7 months ago he had gotten deployed to Iraq he is a SGT in the army and he’s been in the army for 4 years he has now 8 months left in Iraq and then he has to go to Ft.Campbell in Kentucky for 3 months then Texas for a year that is a lot of movin around. We even had to exchange our first I love you’s over a IM box while we were thousands of miles apart but I wouldn’t care either way as long as we both know we love each other and he has someone waiting right here when he gets back and I cant wait till he does they might say its a hard job loving a soldier but it isn’t a job its a way of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way because we are in love.

LeoLeigh LeoLeigh
22-25, F
Apr 21, 2008