I Love My Husband.

so i got married in april of 07. and at first my hubby was in the natioal guard and switched over to the army. and went full time so me and him could have a place of our own and move. now we move A LOT. but i am cool with it. its mostly me that i feel that does the moving so far. but being married to someone in the army isnt easy one bit its scared and confusing and crazy at times but i love my husband and wouldnt trade him for the world even meaning i have a VERY stressfull life style. it was kinda cool how we got married and all. it was crazy too cuz he didnt tell his mom and lets just say she wasnt happy about it. but yeah....well anyways. peace for now.

rockinkandy rockinkandy
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4 Responses Jun 21, 2008

thanks for the comment. and i will keep my head up. lol i love him to death!

You are so right sweetie loving a soldier def. is not easy but there is nothing in this world that we would ever love as much as are soldiers,!<br />
Keep your head up doll!

thank you. lol but yeah when you do get married jsut know the place you call home isnt always going to be your home lol :)

The crazy, stressful life style of the military is the only thing that frightens me about getting married to my bf. I love him to pieces and I know I'd give anything for him, just more stress might kill me. I'd do anything for him though so if he ask I'm not going to say no. Congrats on the marriage :)