My Prince Charming:)

I was going to a friends' graduation a year and a half ago. A couple friends and I decided to grab some coffee at a nearby McDonalds. Since one of the girls I was with worked there we got a discount.We walked in, ordered our Mocha Frappes, and while we were waiting my friend noticed that one of the guys on grill couldn't keep his eyes off of me. Well, I was trying to be mysterious so I glanced over at this man with huge baby blue eyes and all traces of mystery left with that glance. I couldn't help but smile:) He got my number from my friend, his coworker, and thats how we began. After that, we started talking constantly. I realize, now, how special those 6 hr conversations were to both of us. We grew so close and decided to make it official before he left for basic/ait. Those four months were spent trying to keep busy working and (mostly) waiting by the phone/mailbox. 14: The number of letters I got while he was at basic/ait and the number of letters it took for me to fall completley head over heals for my military boyfriend. I have cried more this year and a half than I have in my whole life, but I wouldn't trade what we have for any normal relationship/life out there. Every fairytale has a conflict. Every princess has a Prince Charming who fights to rescue her. Mine just happens to fight for everyones freedom. So proud of him!
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2 Responses Jan 27, 2013

lol rite? who says Fb relationships dnt wrkout lol

exactly haha i think a relationship can start over anything

awww thats cute! i met mine thru FB lol

lol thats awesome:)