Loving My Soldier

So i have had my heart broken many time before i met Tony(My Soldier). He means the world to me but friends ask me how do you know you are in love. I know i love him because he gives me butterflies and makes me laugh. I have trust problems and sometimes i don't trust him at all. I know its not him its me cause ive been hurt to many times to count. We are talking about getting married. He says i'm the one and i can feel it. I love his mom and we have only been dating for a month on Feb. 21. i know we are going fast but i love every min of being with him. Te thing i hate is not getting to see him. Yeah we talk on the phone a lot but once i see him i'll have my feelings out there even mo re in our realtionship. I'm not new to the Army since my daddy was in but dating a soldier its new to me. And people are like you are young you don't know want love is. And sometimes i question, What is true love. You know ladies. But thanks for reading. I hope i get to know some of you.


ASoldiersXXGirl ASoldiersXXGirl
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2009