My Soldier

My soldier. He has been in the army for about 13 months. He is the kindest, funniest, loyal, most hardheaded person ive ever met. We fight, we argue, we buttheads...and we are completely, head over heels in love. Ive had a lot of really awful relationships in the past. Where i was beaten and where i almost didnt make it out of them. I didnt trust anyone or anything...but this so patient and so understanding. That he actually took the time to work with me and all my unreasonable fears, to disprove the fact that all men are like that.
I think that the first time i realized how much he loved me was when i broke down and started crying, and i realized a couple seconds later he was crying with me. He told me he couldnt stand seeing me upset, that my pain was his pain...and I could never even fathom that someone could love me so much.
I have never experienced this kind of gut wrenching, heart throbbing love that we share. All we do together is laugh, even when we're fighting we always end up laughing.
He has his quirks, and there were some days that i didnt think we were gonna make it...but its definitely love.
I honestly think that he would give me the world if i asked for it.
I beleive that the word "love" has been thrown around so much that the real edge of its meaning has been worn away. Me and my man, we're bringing that term back.

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I takes a long time, sometimes to be able to trust again after hurt like that! Bless you that you were able to find someone who you can care for deeply. <br />
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Warm hugs