Army Life Is Hard

I recently went through a very hard and which seemed like an eternity 2 months of being without my fiance,before he joined the army we used to spend every waking day together and everynight we made love and fell asleep into each other arms.He just join in July and recently graduated last month, I went to see him for graduation with his parents and we had a great time with him but we never go to spend alot of alone time together cause his weekend pass consisted of him being back by a certain hour of the night so in what little time we had we cuddle and made love and he's so hard to watch him leave, I'm 19 and I have felt so many different emotions that I have never felt before until now. Me and my Fiance always talk about having kids but for some reason we haven't been able to concieve yet. I love my soon to be husband so much and I can't wai to see him in a short 4 weeks...this will all be so new to me but I am ready to face any challenge with him as long as we are together
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The same thing happened to me when my husband joined. We got married this past February but last September he went off to boot camp... I went through all the same things and saw so many girls in my situation at his graduation and I felt like I was still incredibly alone. I also understand spending every waking minute together and then all of a sudden absolute separation! Before I truly "met" him I had seen him at afar during several parties over the course of a few years and had never even fathomed talking to him. Then an old friend of mine had me go to a bar with her when I was 19 so she could hit on some guy who turned out to be a real jerk, and then there was the boy I'd been eyeballing randomly for a couple of years!<br />
It was just a group of us, and it was voted to go back to this guys house and have a party. Well my husband at the time wouldn't bat an eye at me because he had a problem with revealing attire and it took me several put downs before I realized was the problem was. So halfway through the party I ended up putting on a huge white jacket and instantly like magic he noticed because I heard him yell, "What?? Ha. Someones now all of a sudden self-conscious??" <br />
And so it was that I got him to sit down with me on a couch and we took shot after shot, people watched, and then began noticing that we were exchanging mannerisms and facial ex<x>pressions instead of talking and thus laughing for the rest of the night. Then of course sealing the deal on the couch...<br />
The ending to this story is that I woke up, not at the party anymore, but in the early morning at my now mother-in-law's house and apparently I rolled over and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Oh no." <br />
Immediately we went to breakfast...then he never left. He just continuously spent the night at either my place or I at his. We maybe had 2 or 3 days apart from each other for almost a year. Our first anniversary was spent alone, while he was in boot camp. <br />
But yeah, who knew! The point is now it's still hard... he's actually in Korea and making a thirteen hour difference work is difficult and soon I should be going there as well, but he says after his four years end he's out for good.

I knwo how you feel I am 18 and my husband left 2 weeks after we got married on july 14,2008! I haven't talked to my husband in 2 months!! So if you need someone I am here for ya!

I am going through the whole process of really being separated for the first time. It is harder than anyone can ever imagine, but it is slowly getting easier. I am just thankful that he is a part of my life no matter how far away he is. I also know that it is how we get through these difficult times that defines us!

hey dnt worry you'll get through it just stay busy as someone once advised me n it wrks...ive havent seen my hubby for over 3 months and its been hard but its made me a strong person if u ever need to talk im here im also 19 :) congratulations

aww thats so cute. hang tough sweetie

Awww - when are you due to get married?