Loving My Soldier

My fiancee recently joined the army and I am learning a lot about my relationship with him and myself right now.  I think I finally am beginning to feel like an adult and take life and the little things a lot more seriously than my peers.  I love my soldier and I miss him like crazy, and nothing could make me happier than knowing no matter where he is in the world, he loves me with all of his heart!

soldiersweetheart soldiersweetheart
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 21, 2007

i know exactly what you mean i am engaged to a deployed soldier im 18 and before we started dating we were best friends but still i was immature and only thought about getting guys looking good and partying but when i started dating nicholas i settled down got my life together and did everything possible to change and be a person that deserved him.its a great feeling being loved by a man and feeling what we feel.we have to spend time apart but it jsut makes us stronger as one.good luck and if you ever need to talk im here

Im engaged , im getting married in june and he will deploying next febuary . we have around 8 months before he leaves and im already down about it.