He's My Mr. Catfish :)

I've been previously engaged, dated, thought I was in love. Nothing could prepare me for the way I found myself falling for my current boyfriend. Nothing can compare to the way I feel about him or the way I could ever have dreamed to anticipate caring for and being in love mutually with someone. It's amazing.

I fell in love at my best friends wedding. Our best friends were marrying each other. These same friends tried getting us to date for at least a year before we officially met in person. We just didn't think we were each other's type. Oh how wrong we were!

I met the man of my dreams... literally. I've always been very intuitive to my dreams...and analyze them. I've had premonition dreams before and some that are re-occuring, however, I know they're going to come true one day. Well, for a long time, I had dreams of a family. My future family. I could see the faces of all of them except for my husband figure. Once I fell in love with my boyfriend (I fell hard and fast before we started dating) my dreams started to show my husband figures face, it was his.

Anyway...He knows I love him and I know he loves me...but I also know he's baffled by it all the same. I can't stop thinking about how amazing he is. I love laying next to him at night when I am given the chance. I wake up and there he is. His warm smooth skin, soft hair, the cute little noises he makes in his sleep, the way he smells, cuddles up with me...Maybe we weren't what we anticipated when we tried fighting our friends on their persistence on getting us together, but with one look, that all changed. Not only were we exactly what we wanted in a mate, we were also what we NEEDED in a mate. I think that's what makes this work so well for us.

Every time I touch him or look at him I wonder how can I be so fortunate to have him in my life? I love him so much more than I'll ever be able to express. I'm not going to disappoint him like the others before me, I'm going to make him happy to be around me. I told him I wasn't in it for a one night stand or a short term thing and I'm still sticking with that. This is long term, and I'm not going anywhere if it's not with him.

It's coming up on the 1 year anniversary of our meeting in person (May 15th) and our 1 year anniversary is coming up as well. (June 9th- when I moved 400 miles from home to be with him and closer to other family. Best decision I could ever have made!) He's truly and dearly my soulmate and I feel strongly that he feels the same in regards to me.

I could go on and on and on... but I won't. I think anyone who's blessed enough to find their soulmate needs to take hold of it and cherish the beauty that is offered with the love that's bound to grow...if you haven't found yours yet, be patient and keep yourself open to the possibility of love no matter how hard it may become or impossible it may seem. You'll find them when and where you least expect it.
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Wow... yes you did good job here girl. loved it. God bless and hope i find my soulmate soon. I am excited to have him and love him forever.. :)

Fn cute ...