Everything Turned Out Okay!

I found out about 3 weeks ago that I'm pregnant. I was shocked and terrified at first, but after most of that wore off, I adjusted to the idea of having a child. I have an amazing boyfriend that I love and who loves me. However, I was paralyzed in fear at the idea of telling him. It's a long story and I've told it many times before on here, but the last time I told a man I was pregnant it ended poorly. Very poorly. I nearly lost my life. Even though I know Milo is more sane than my ex, I still couldn't bring myself to tell him. I avoided him and when I was with him I acted weird. I'm pretty sure he thought I was going to break up with him. Well, this Friday I get off work and head over to his place. He asked if I was mad at him. I told him we needed to talk. I choked up a little but managed to say "I'm pregnant."

He said "Are you kidding me?" and then "Holy crap! No way!" Then he said "That's great!" and I breathed a sigh of relief. I had been trying to suppress my shaking so much that with the relief and excitement I started shaking even harder. He hugged me hard and said "What are we going to do?" We literally spent the entire weekend holding each other and having sex. We shared into each others eyes and murmured about how happy we are as he rubbed my belly. It was so blissful.

This is our first pregnancy and first child each. This pregnancy was unexpected and I was terrified he'd be upset or disappointed or scared. And when we talked he did say he was scared and nervous about the normal stuff, like finances and not ruining our child's life. He was a little disappointed I waited so long to tell him and wished he had been to my first doctor's appointment, but he understood why I waited. I couldn't even ask for more. We haven't sat down and talked about the serious stuff yet, we're just basking in the glow right now. But with how strong a relationship we have, I know we'll be able to overcome anything for both of us and our baby.
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aww :') hes a real man for having such a positive attitude..... and i wish yall the best