I'm 18 this year, female. & I'm in love with my 38 year old female teacher.
It makes things a lot harder do they? I know, I just know it isn't a crush.

She's ideally perfect. Everything that anyone could've ever wanted.
Great body, high intelligence, humourous, pretty.. a list of neverending traits.

Even though it wasn't my first time falling in love,
but she was the first to make my heart race this fast as I just merely think of her name.
She made me literally shiver when I was alone with her.
I never felt anything like that before.

Loving a teacher could be bad, loving a female teacher is 10 times as bad.
Now, loving a female teacher, double your age who's married is... sigh.
I know I shouldn't be feeling the way I am now, but I can't help it.
Well, maybe its good news for me cause I've been getting rumours around
saying she divorced her husband long ago, and is currently single.
She might be a little sexist as she's a little against the boys in class, which might provide me a tinge of hope.

As she don't usually interact much with her students, I can be considered her closest few students.
She mentions my name during lessons, teasing me and making fun of me infront of everyone else.
People tells me she's being overly friendly with me as compared to other students.
Maybe I might be a little sensitive too. But there's once during a test, everyone was concentrating on writing.
So I looked up, wanted to peek at what she was doing, and I caught her staring. She looked shy, and
head back doing her things. It probably seemed nothing, but it made me feel happy for some reason.

There was another incident where she was kind of seducing me in a way. (maybe being sensitive again).
We were in the lab doing experiements while she was walking around to check on us.
She leaned forward to check on mine, leaning her .. breasts on my arm. I was stunned, and moved to
give her space. Thinking it was accidental, I continued with my work. She came back and did the same
again. This time, she leaned even closer as I tried to move away. Lol, hints?

But everything I think of it as a whole, I don't think it was quite possible between us two.
It hurts. I really does. & there's nothing much I can do.... Ouch.
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YOU GOTTA read my story about loving my teacher .. she's a mother to me.. a motherly love . but yeah . i love her..really.

its not bad but its really a great feeling yaa it is. Something like what i do is that daily i use to give her a flower.<br />
I had never expressed my feelings i front of her but my friends told her every thing about my love to her but best part is that she never let me go down and she understands what i feel.

Hey babe, thanks for the comment.<br />
I've been thinking a lot recently, and I think.. <br />
<br />
I don't know if I'm in love with her, I don't know if this is just a crush.<br />
I don't know if she feels the same too.<br />
Either way, I'm only going to ruin everything she have now.<br />
Unless she's gonna tell me you really do feel the same,<br />
I'll be the same old student she has in class, & NOTHING MORE.<br />
<br />
Maybe that might work out? :)

I also love my female teacher...and it hurts so bad. ;(