Love Of My Life.

I was 13 at the time in seventh grade.... Lets call him.... Gio Guzman as those are his same initials.
So my school had uniform wich like NO ONE obeyed, so i decided to come without uniform and
i was sent to Detention... otherwise known as I.S.S. in school suspension. I sat purely upset as there
were like ten students that passed by with no uniform on.. i truly felt angry.
but when i knocked open that door to a small sized room... a tall man about 6,2 came out, and i was
immediatley intimidated by him.

Id like to point in that i have a thing for older guys....
before i met Mr.Guzman i had a crush on my science teacher who hated me and i hated him...
he had yellow eyes and he would give me the cold stare... we were like cat and dog, but gradually
i had to love the way he treated me... he was so mean and i guess i was a bit masochistic.

Anyways... when i met him he intimidated me so much that i was sooooooo quiet... i can't explain to you
how i didn't say a word but i just stared at  him... studied him like a lion studies a zebra in the grasslands.
then something amazing happened after five minutes of talking... HE SMILED. and i wanted to die right then
and there.

after that i got to know him so much and so sad to find out he was married... after what was an innocent
infatuation turned into a full blown obsession. i started to stalk him. i was gaa gaa over him...
i was so crazy about him he invaded my dreams and sometimes i would wake up in the middle of the night
swearing that he was standing over me...

that being said, i made the biggest mistake of my life on FEB. 14. valentines day...
i sent him the most amazing love note... unfortunatley the next day the
school found out it was me and to this day i have no idea how.. i wasn't allowed to see him...
or be with him ever again... how sad.... but the benefits was not getting detention and getting away with stuff.

point is i never got over him... its been four years and i still think of him... its sad... the pain i feel is just too much to bear...

ForeverDrriii ForeverDrriii
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

that truely sux but i kno how u feel but i wont ever right him a love note because i dont want it to be weird being around him but i gave him a few cards but nothing serious.