I Was At The Time..

Starting my secondary school last year was a cool experience..especially being taught by sweet teachers. My last year's class teacher was unbelievably lovely and was totally in love with her the first day itself. I never studied but watched her closely, all day long,after a month or two I thought I would tell her how much I loved her, so sent  her a message telling her how much I loved her, and then, WOW, she gave me a kiss on my cheek the next day when I went for the extra class. I felt real happy after a long time. But that night I got a message from her saying tat she musn't have done tat n she is sorry. I was seriously down. So I forgot about the kiss and the love I had for her, considered her as my teacher and finished  my term. And you know what? I got good results in her subject and she kissed me as a reward on the last day of the term, aren't i lucky??
I haven't met her ever since..but will remember her all my life... XD.. 
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1 Response Oct 27, 2010

I taught school for 33 years and had some situations with students like yours. Ligg is right...she will get in a world of trouble--probably lose her job--if she has a romantic liaison with a student. Please be sure you don't do anything that would compromise her professional standing. Should that happen, you won't "get the girl" and she'll disappear from your classroom...and probably from your life.