Math Teacher Love

A few years ago I went to a joint high school, only about thirty students, mostly guys and very unflattering girls. All of our teachers were young and straight out of college-- all very handsome at that. I was particularly attracted to my math teacher (we'll call him Dave). Dave was a very quiet, intelligent man who had a witty sense of humor.

In my math class there were only 5 students mostly freshman who weren't all that bright. All throughout that 6th period I would crack smartass jokes that only he would 'get' and viceversa. I had perfect grades all throughout the semester and whenever I would get a problem worng on an in class assignment he would have me stay after school to correct it. I must say, I've miscompleted answers just to stay after class with Dave. We would talk about anything and everything nerdy.

I loved his sense of music. I loved his clothes and smile and the way he would dye his hair which ever colour I'd like. I loved him. I was so completely and utterly sexually attracted to him. When I stayed after class I would stare at him wiping off the white board, helping me with my math, just wishing that he would pick me up and bend me over one of the desks and pound me with his lovely **** each time I got an equation wrong. Dave was amazing in my fantasies and out. I would drop to my knees with my hands tied behind me for him. I would want him to finger **** me with those amazing hands that seem to solve any puzzle handed to them. I loved Dave.
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sounds you are suffering from "puppy love"! Please Add. Kev (UK).

Very hot and taboo!

Add this older man and let's talk.

What math class were you taking?

tell us moreeee :D

you migh thave a chance becuase you are young!

Haha alright!! Atta girl. Yea.. that must be a rele gudd foreplay. A teacher & a student ;)

did he **** you?

what a rude question... @.@

I agree with the comment above mine. AVOID THIS. I got into it with my math teacher in high school (you're all more than welcome to go read my experience on my page) and it was amazing at the time and has had absolutely terrible ramifications. Please be careful. You are playing with fire. You will probably end up being the one who is burned.

Makes me wish i had a hot math teacher :(<br />
I did get off with my mates business teacher but it's just not the same lol

When you are out of school you should let him know how you feel.

Makes me want to be a witty math teacher!

you are a weird person. no offense but i know for a fact it's not happening now. you crazy

Wow.. add me.

Did you ever think to go back and date him?

Its very well written and nice to read ....:)

Why didn't you do something about it. Lead him on a bit. Or did you ?

Very sexy story, like all of yours. :)