My First Love And The Letter

well to start with,i am a 17 year old girl and i am in love with my was last year when he came to our school .(i cant say that i fell in love with him at first sight)but after when i realised how sweet he was i start thinking about him all day.and soon i realised that i had fallen in love with him.i talked about it with my friend and decided to tell him about my day after the lesson finished i told him that i wanted to talk with him.AND I TOLD HIM THAT I THINK I WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM.Actually i dont think he took me in serious because he laughed and said that i was too little for these things.(btw, he already has a girlfriend who is a teacher in our school and he doesnt treat me differently from the other you cant say that he is interested in me)so you can imagine how stupid i felt when i found out about that.The point is that i could't stop thinking about him and i wanted him to know that i really love him and its not just excitement.i really love i decided to write a letter in which i explained how i felt about the letter i wrote that i am in love with him but i could understand that nothing can happen between us.and i gave the letter to my friend to give it to him.i dont know if he read the letter or he threw it.but when he received the letter he didnt do anything.and thats what hurt me the most.i was waiting for a reply but nothing.i think i ve been humiliated by the letter (yeah like he would be interested in me) i mean WHAT I WAS THINKING?WHY DID I DO THAT.hes not interested at all and it hurts me seeing him at school.(he is not my teacher this year but he is in our school)anyway i havent gotten over him and i dont think i can.i think about him every day and night.and when i see him i want to go and talk to him but i cant.i dont know what to do.reading your stories gave me courage to write my story i would appreciate any reply to what you think about all it.thank you in advance.
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Wow I could never do that, I would be so scared. I hope everything works out for you!! You have some guts!!

thank you so much:).i could never imagine that i could do that but i did it because i really love him...thak you:)

Wow, you're really serious, i can't imagine how you stand seeing him everyday!

Wow, you're really serious, i can't imagine how you stand seeing him everyday!

your teacher knows about crushes that have been going on for many years in schools,it is part of growing up,but your teacher can not act on what you have said to him,or he can lose his job, and end up in jail.

in the letter i wrote to him i explained to him that its not just a crush and excitement and that i really am in love with him.but i dont know why he didnt take my feelings in serious.but i really love him.and i would never want him get in trouble because of me.

It doesnt sound real. The thing with with the letter. Its childish. But Ok, maybe you just are so childish, you are young, if you are real.

i dont understand why you dont believe me.IT IS REAL AND IM REAL.i would never be jokking about such a serious thing.and i know that you may not believe me but all i say is real.

I understand the passion you felt. It wasn't easy to tell him or write to him. But you had courage. And when you get older and maybe start having crushes for others you will remember this time and maybe feel less embarrassed. I think we all go through this at one point. Don't feel so upset. :)

thank you for your comment.yes it was really difficult to tell him and write him. thats why when he didnt do anything i was very dissapointed and depressed.and it hurt me so much.but i wanted him to take me in serious and understand my feelings.but he didnt.and i dont know what he believes for me. :


i think you will find this is just a crush ,that has been going on in schools for many years,but if your teacher,did act on what you told him ,he would have to leave the school,or end up in jail.