Oh My Beautiful Techer, I Miss Him.

     Well this is going to take a while to type. ill share everything i can think of:)

     Well it all started this year.
     I'm 14, going to be 15 in January.(A month from now). Well my first day of school wasn't that amazing, I started a couple days late and i didn't know anyone besides a very good friend but she was too  busy with her new friend. My third class that day I had him. Hes a science teacher. the very first time i saw him i was light omg hes sexy! :) (I have a thing for older men). He has short dark hair. brown eyes and the most amazing smile in this universe. I have a thing for smiles too! oh and hes also really tall :) I sat in front next to a creepy student......he always asks the teacher very odd questions and is mentally retarded. anyway....he teaches environmental science. which i was and still am very happy to be in that class no matter who teaches it. I love nature and he dose too. every day in class i smile watching his moves and who he stares at (which my the way he always stars at me.) the first week or so i wondered how old he was he looks no older than 25 but....hes about 39 :) I KNOW ALMOST 40! and he has a wife who teaches Spanish at the same school. i never see them together though... Hes really into watching clips and movies which i enjoy very much because he turns the lights off and closes all the blinds except one which is shining on me (I sit in the same spot every day) there is a work table right next to my desk and he sits there going through papers and looking at me (At least in my direction) while i pretend to watch the movie and look at him and thank god the light hits me from the back so you cant really see my face...I try to find every excuse to go up to his desk and talk to him and ask questions... and sometimes during my wood shop class when I'm not doing anything i do work for that class just so i can go turn it in when hes not doing anything.Every day i cant wait to see him even if i dont have his class that day i still really want to go to school just in case we pass by each other walking places at school.literally it MAKES MY WHOLE DAY just to see him I'm so happy. but when the day is over and i have to take the bus home I miss him, i miss him every second I'm not with him. Every time we are in class and hes talking to the whole class and hes up in front its like hes trying so hard to get close to me without it being noticeable. also i noticed he set a stool next to my desk(Which made me so happy) and he sits there when were watching a video. or someone is giving a presentation. when the lights are on and the class is busy doing there work sometimes i lift my head up to see if hes looking and when i see him look down as i look at him its amazing it makes me so happy. when i talk to him he smiles so big, its amazing i think he really likes to talk to me. I'm not sure if he likes me but I'm not stupid and I'm not going to tell him unless hes leaving or I graduate. Honestly i look forward to the day when I'm 18 I'm not in school and i go to his class after school and tell him how i feel, i dont really expect anything to happen as he has a wife and 2 kids which i think he loves.(He should). but just in case, I have to tell him.we aren't SUPER close as it has only been a semester sense we have known each other but i feel like I know him and i really really really think i just might love him and if its not love, it still makes my very happy and its a HUGE crush :). Over time we are talking more and more and he hasn't really been mean to me. in class everyone seems to like him but none of the girls really ever go up and ask questions so i dont think any of them like him. Its kinda like me and him are the only 2 people in the room but there are statues that chatter to each other behind me. I always day dream and fantasize about him during class at home. well lets face it HES ALWAYS ON MY MIND 24/7...Hes really funny too and when he makes jokes not a lot of people seem to get it but i certainly do.. hes so funny oh and i just cant get over that smile..Im quite  sad that its winter break and I'm not seeing him as often but at least its not like SUMMER! omg what am I gonna do!!!???My life would be so much different if i didn't know him. he is my life. feel free to reply maybe tell me if you have a crush on a teacher? or maybe some advice?

     Love Sharaya :)
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You know he is married so why are you thinking of telling him your feelings when you turn 18 ? He is already taken..He belongs to his wife and his children. Now I know why there are broken families and marriages and one of the reasons is because there are girls/women like you and An EP User. If it is only a girlfriend then maybe you can compete ( even so, when I was younger, it never ocured to me to steal any man I fancied when they already have girlfriends). He is married and has children. He is not available any more. He belongs to his wife and not to you or any one else. Put your self in his wife's shoes, how would you feel if some nasty girl tries to flirt and steal your husband from you ? Or put your self in his children's shoes, how would you feel when a girl tries to come in between your parent's marriage and tries to flirt and steal your father from you ? You are very selfish. You are only thinking of your self. Think of his wife and his children. You go look for your own man and not some one else's man. If you don't believe in marriage, so that is your own prerogative but don't steal someone else's man. They got married because they believe in it...so don't wreck their marriage.Go find your own man.

aww i know exactly how you feel...im going through the exact same thing im almost 14. (except he doesnt have a wife or kids). But if he has a wife..... i mean im not saying you should do anything because he will get arrested and everyone will know you as the girl who had an affair with a teacher...but yeah if he has a wife thats really bad you shouldnt get into him like that and he cant love you.. im sorry. but he has a wife and kids already. :(

@mugatea your wrong how is how she feels childish or selfish, shes not going to tell him how she feels because of her age now but when she turns 18 she has every right to tell him she will an adult. People like you make me regret not tell my teacher how i felt i lost him because i thought about what others would think and not caring about how he felt because he cared about me and wanted to hear from me that i loved and cared for him and that i would always be there. Long story short it doesn't matter what i think or anyone else thinks its about how you feel and what makes you happy so to @magickm you should do what you feel it right for you and i wish you the best of luck in whatever you choice to do.

thaks thanks alot. I try to ignore comments like that, but its gets to me sometimes. this comment really helped. and life is too short. and I dont want to regret not doing something. so yes I'm going to tell him when I'm 18 and I had every right in this world to. :)

You are very welcome I hope you find happiness (: and people like her are just anger i think

honestly, i think that this is just a childish infatuation, and you need to get over your teacher. for one, he is far too old for you, two, he has a wife and kids to think about, and not to mention student-teacher relationships like the one you fantasize about are completely illegal. try and find someone of your own age who you can be with because it is unhealthy to obsess over someone like you do. and dont try anything with him- you could ruin his career and married life because of your selfishness.

I really know how it feels because i cant see him this year much and now on holidays i miss him so much...He is not married but he has a girlfriend and in school i can see them together and it hurts.Last year i told him about my feelings and i wrote him a love letter but he didnt do anything.And i dont have him this year but he is still in our school and i really want to go to him but its soooooo difficult and now im sooo depressed that i dont know what else to do..If you really love him and you cant get over it then maybe you should do it and tell him about your feelings whenever you can or when you finish school because if your feelings for him are strong i dont think that you should let it go like this or else if you dont do anything maybe you will regret it.hope i helped.:)

No, she shouldn't tell him. Maybe feelings will change if time goes by...

haha thanks for the comments :) and he has married twice and Its good that you don't get turned on to married men, i wish i wasn't. And i do love him, it dont matter if he has a wife love is love and personally i don't think marriage means all that much, but that might be because my mom got married 3 times. and marriage is just a way to say i love you and want to be with you forever, but its usually doesn't turn out that way. and people aren't perfect, nobody is. I don't wish for them to get divorced. that would only hurt him, and i don't want to see him hurt. I love him. hes married, so what.

i like my geography teacher, im really sad because i had him last year but now i dont have him anymore. And all my friends have him and tease me about it. i agree with u about the winter and summer holidays too, its annoying being away from your teacher for so long lol. i would carry on talking to him as much as possible to get to know him more, and i would tell him how u feel because u would regret it else. :D

I had him last year but i dont have him this year but i can see him sometimes and it really hurts.also in holidays i was soo depressed that the only thing i was thinking was him and if he will be in our school and i got really dissapointed when i found out that he wont be my teacher this year and now in holidays i miss him sooo much.I told him about my feelings and wrote him a letter but he didnt do anything and that hurt me soooo much...Did you tell him about your feelings or did he know it?or do you think of telling him when you have the chance??

I think that telling him would only bring you and him in an akward situation but I know she won't do it as long as she hasn't left school.

Dear Sharaya, what I'm not able to understand is how you can still love him when you know he has a wife. That would turn me off - totally! Enjoy the lessons with him!

If she loves him, the fact he's married is irrelevant.

For me not!

I know that and a few times I had feelings for a man with a gf as well cos first I didn't know he has a gf but after some time you realise that it doesnt make sense to hope, so sooner or later feelings will go away. But one time it took very long.
But I never had feelings for a married man - thanks God!

one of my college teachers was a year younger then me and she was kinda hot. would I date her now that class is over, no as it would feel awkward.