One Word - Embarrassed

I was totally in love with my Geography teacher, he was so nerdy and had an obsession with doctor who every lesson i'd sit there and stare at him, as usual he'd pick on me and ask me a question which i would usually answer correctly. He was a little shorter than me and called Mr Machin. He knew I had a massive crush on him, he was only at school for a year on which on his last day I gave him a dr who themed leaving card which i had made him and filled with strawberry starburst. I cried for most of the day and on his lesson I burst out crying and had to leave the room. He jumped over a table to go and find me, on which he didn't. I then found out by one of the teaching class that he was in fact gay. So all this time I had a crush on a Gay teacher and in fact he fancied David Tenant looking back on it now I can actually see the indications.  
HannahSDavis HannahSDavis
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lol! Dr.Who :) thx for sharing!

My teacher lies about being gay, so for a while I thought I had a crush on a gay man. He later confessed to me it's what the kids want to hear so he started that rumor.