A Poem To Him..

Your my smile, my warmth, my inspiration
Writing this, I can hardly control my inhalation 
It may seem like Im over exaggerating 
But I'm simply just reinstating that feeling we call

That feeling that burns so much you can't take it
And no matter how hard you may try to shake it
You can't brake it
When it gets you it holds on tight
No matter how hard you try to fight

But i know theres a chance your heart might not feel the same, but I hope you put this here poem in a frame 
Cause' one day you'll be feeling down 
And I will be your warmth, I will be your light and maybe for a little while, I might be your smile. 
I love you enough to let you go, but still I hope to god your answers not no.

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2012


I wish i could.....this is really we want Good luck