My Love For My Ex.. Algebra Teacher

Well I gotta say I never thought someday i would be trying to get help from thins kind of websites but since my so-call-friends refuse to help me in this matter, please tell me what you all think. 

Lets Get The Facts Out: I'm Sixteen, a High-School Soft-more. He's a lot older then me, Like 30 years old or around that area. I Love Him. Every Little Thing About Him, Every Time i see him in the hallway i cant help but follow him around with my eyes. I love the way he smiles, his oh-so smooth voice and the way he stands in the middle of the hallway, oh so-sexy.

So this all started on my Freshman year. first time i saw him, there was nothing special about him, he was just another annoying math teacher, nothing special, at all. The day i new i liked him started like any other day, he was giving the lecture like usual and we were working this work problem as a class and while he was reading it the topic of Sewing came in hand, since the work problem talked about Fabric, he told us that if any button from all his shorts came off he would trow them away cause he dint know how to sew, at this point none was paying attention to what he was saying and they were all having their own conversations, not me thought, i use to sit in front of the class and since he notice i was the only one listening  he was saying all this looking directly at me, at that time i dint think anything of it, so i told him that he obviously needed a wife to do all of those little things, like sewing he-he, He smiled at me, the most amazing and charming smile i ever seen, he told me "well yeah of-course cause that's the first thing i ask the ladies when i meet them 'do you know how to sew?' " Then he gave me another one of those smiles, he had me at that point, and unconsciously i told him that i knew how to sew. He smirked at me and then got back to the lesson. By then I Knew I was in Trouble. I Had Fallen For My Teacher.

Then Summer Came and My soft more year after that. I Thought I was all Cool About it since I dint have to take his class anymore. I was wrong. So I try Everything, I went out with a senior. Big Mistake. My head was full of him. 

So I decide that i was gonna star talking to him, you know nothing more than what a student would say to a teacher, So When I Passed him on the hallway You know, I put on my best smile and said "Hey Mr.N " He looked at me, smile, and said "Hey Darling~" O.M.G. At that moment I was In love all over again.

I told all of my friendMtTeachers about this, but they don't do anything but make tease me and make fun of him, which ****** me off, and i know is wrong, really wrong but I even Got to the point Where I even get jealous when i see him talking to any female Teacher.  And i can't stop thinking about him, every time i meet a new guy I might think he is cute but in the back of my mind I tell myself "he might be cute, but he is not Mr. N...

I love his smile, his personality, his eyes, his oh so sexy body, his dry humor, his cute face, heck I even Love his dog! 

Please help. all i know is that i love him and i just don't know what to do... Help?


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1 Response Mar 23, 2012

Your story reminds me so much of myself. If I tell my friends, none of them understand and they just laugh and think I'm crazy. But really - I've known him since my junior year in high school and now I'm a college freshman. Still like him. People always say that time heals everything, but for me this still hasn't worked.. Sure my feelings aren't as strong as when I used to see him every day, but they are still there in the back of my head. And then if I ever see him and talk to him, the feelings come rushing back! If you want to read about my teacher crush, read my stories. :)

Its good to know there's other girls like me out there :) Thanks.