They Waited For Us ;)

well today was different but amazing :) in the morning we always see him because he walks through the quad to get to his form room and every single time he crosses were in this deep trance and stare him out until we cant stare anymore... anyway we had p.e 4th period but before i had french and i was really upset because of what this boy done and the speaking test anyway it wasnt like me but i got to p.e late didnt have kit and i was in a bad mood anyway me and my friend came in but smiler wasnt anywhere so miss d said someone go look for him me and (her name) immediatly shouted we will and ran out we saw him and straight away we melted and then he was like alright girls and we said we had to look for you and he was like reports? and we gave them him and he walked alittle slower so he was walking with us and every step he took i wanted to just scream i love you okay! and so we done p.e and at lunch me and my friend was playing footy right near there window and we wanted to see wat they was doing so my friend walked past the door looked in and BJ is usually sat facing forward and straight onto his laptop but he had turned he chair and one hand on the keyboard and he was watching us:D anyway we done our last lesson and HOY took both our phones and we had to go to his office at 3 then to rugby and when we saw them there they looked banging all we done was look at the then we went back to the changing rooms for a drink and they was sunbathing abit away from us and then smiler saw us kicked BJs leg and they both looked for like 2 minutes then they quickly got up and started showing off! we was like omg then at the end we saw them and they had waited for us and we had to get our planners  and we had their nicknames on our planners and we was like hiding the cover from them but they managed to read it and they just smiled at eachover and when we was waiting for my friends dad to pick us up we saw him walking to his car and he asked whats up we said my friends dad is late and he joked about it and said better start walking smiled said bye and zoomed off :') he was the last teacher we saw aswell as BJ what a great day :)
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im not sure but i want to! i think he has his suspicions though by the way we act around him and that awkwardness that is always there when we are together .. really i dont think i have the guts thanks for your opinion what did your teacher say to that? :)

last year i wrote him a letter telling him all my feelings but he didnt do anything.i was trying to talk to him but he kept avoiding me.and this year i wrote him again another letter(you can read my story about my last letter)but again he didnt do anything and that hurt me so much.i wanted him at least to say something to me but nothing..:(.thak you for asking:).how old is your teacher?is he married or he has a girlfriend?(the teacher that im in love with has a girlfriend who is also a teacher in our school).really dont you think of telling him.i mean if your feelings for him are strong i think that you shouldnt let it go like this he has to know about your feelings for him.because i think that at least you can feel fine with yourself that you revealed your feelings.thats why i revealed my feelings because then i could tell myself that i tried:)thank you!i hope the best for you.

awww :( thats what im scared about. its okay and one is 24 and the other ones about 27 i dont think either of them are married but they dont have a girlfriend i dont think ..... i always think of telling him every minute of the day like when he was signing our reports i was screaming inside my head i love you so i had to turn away ive written several letters but i havent sent any of them im to scared but i might send him one just before the holidays so he has time to think :) thanks i hope the best for you too :)

thank you:)i really hope you can make it and if you need any advice or help with the letter(if you decide to send him a letter) you can talk to like to help you..good luck:)

hehe its okay! :) yeah ive wrote it i just dont have the bottle to give it to him ive pulled it out infront of him but then i just think crap and put it back... :( thanks very much! :)

hope you can make it one day:)wish you the best.good luck!

so do i :) thanks you too!

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Do you ever think of telling the teacher you love about your feelings.i mean would you ever do this?Does he know about your feelings for him or has he shown anything to you that he might be intersted in you.?you know i told my teacher about my feelings and wrote him a letter.